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Gum Lift Contouring Surgery in San Francisco

img-10Our San Francisco dental practice specializes in gum contouring or gum lifting procedures. Ideally, the gums should complement the appearance of the teeth, not detract from it. In reality, some people have overly “gummy smiles,” which means they show too much gum tissue when they smile. This can significantly affect a person’s self-image and confidence. If you feel embarrassed of prominent gums or a gummy smile, Dr. Samir Ayoub can help. The talented San Francisco dentist offers gum lift or gum recontouring as one of his cosmetic dentistry treatment options. Our gum contouring treatment plan in San Francisco can really help you feel better.

Benefits of Gum Lift Surgery

Gum lift is designed to improve the appearance of prominent gums by removing excessive gum tissue. The goal is to balance out the gums and the teeth so they look more proportional to each other.

You may be a good candidate for gum lift if you feel like your smile is too “gummy” or your gums mask a significant amount of your teeth when you smile. Your teeth may look too small or short compared to your gums. Your gums should be healthy and free of any disease before undergoing treatment.

Dr. Ayoub will examine your teeth and gums, inquire about your health history and ask you to describe your treatment goals before recommending the procedure to you. If you are interested in discussing the procedure and how it can improve the appearance of your smile, please contact our San Francisco dental practice today and request a consultation.

San Francisco Gum Contouring

img-11Gum lift is a quick and easy procedure and generally well tolerated by patients. The risk of complications is low when the procedure is performed by a qualified cosmetic dentist with the proper equipment and training.

There are a few different techniques that Dr. Ayoub can choose from to remove gum tissue. Traditionally, gum lift was performed using a scalpel. However, nowadays he prefers to use a diode laser to recontour the gum tissue easily, precisely and virtually painlessly. Laser gum lift or laser gum recontouring can be completed in a single appointment. Therefore, since laser treatment is used during gum contouring surgery the complication are low risk.

Dr. Ayoub will first numb your gums with a local anesthetic to prevent you from feeling any pain. He will use the diode laser to gently remove gum tissue and sculpt the gums in a scalloped-like pattern to frame the teeth. Dr. Ayoub is careful to keep the gum line uniform and symmetrical. As the laser cuts away the gum tissue, it also cauterizes the gums to stop bleeding and reduce the risk of infection.

Laser gum recontouring generally does not cause any serious side effects. Some patients may have mild soreness or swelling after treatment, but these symptoms are only temporary.

Schedule a Consultation for Gum Lift Surgery in San Francisco

To learn more about gum lift surgery and the other cosmetic dentistry treatments available with Dr. Ayoub, please contact our San Francisco dental practice. You can reach our office in Union Square by calling (415) 781-2227.

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