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Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

Submitted by Dr. Samir Ayoub on November 3, 2016 - 9:00 am

Have you heard the term “smile makeover,” but don’t know exactly what it means — and whether you might need one? As a leading smile makeover dentist in San Francisco, Dr. Samir Ayoub wants to clear up the confusion.

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments (e.g., porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding). And, the biggest sign that you need a smile makeover is that you are bothered by the appearance of your smile.

Here, Dr. Ayoub reveals five signs that you could benefit from a smile makeover.

1. You have small chips or cracks on your teeth.

Chipped or cracked teeth detract from the overall attractiveness of your smile. While bigger chips or cracks may require reconstruction, small imperfections can be easily concealed with cosmetic dentistry treatment options such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns.

2. Your teeth are stained or discolored.

Stained or discolored teeth can make you look sickly or older than you really are. A professional in-office teeth whitening treatment lifts stains and transforms the teeth into a beautiful, bright white color.

3. You are bothered by spaces or gaps in between your teeth.

Perhaps your teeth are structurally intact and a nice white color, but spaces or gaps in between the teeth bother you. Traditional orthodontics or Invisalign treatment improve the spacing and alignment of the teeth so they look even and uniform.

4. You have prominent gums.

Do your teeth appear short because of excessive or prominent gums? Gum recontouring removes excess gum tissue and creates a better proportion between the gums and teeth for a more balanced smile.

5. You avoid smiling in public.

There is no reason to go through life refraining from smiling or covering your mouth when speaking or laughing. If your teeth or smile give you a significant amount of shame or embarrassment, Dr. Ayoub can help. After learning more about what bothers you, he will create a customized smile makeover plan to help you achieve the appearance you desire.

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