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Tips to Cut Out Sugar

Submitted by Dr. Samir Ayoub on April 13, 2018 - 9:00 am

The detrimental effect of sugar on your oral health is well-documented. Eating a sugary diet puts you at risk of cavities and can gradually destroy your teeth. Dr. Samir Ayoub and the team at San Francisco Aesthetic Dentistry care about your oral health and want to help you enjoy a healthy smile for life. Cutting out sugar from your diet can lower your risk of cavities and ultimately save your teeth. Read on for our most realistic tips to cut out sugar.

Consider Sugar’s Effect on Your Entire Body

Sugar is harmful not only to your teeth but to your entire body. It elevates your risk of illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Motivate yourself to cut out sugary foods and beverages by thinking about the benefits to your total body health.

Learn Sugar’s Aliases

Get used to checking your food labels and looking for sugar in the list of ingredients. But know that sugar can actually hide under different names, including any word ending in “-ose” — e.g., fructose, sucrose or dextrose. Foods containing molasses, honey and maple syrup also contain sugar.

Avoid Low-Fat or Nonfat Foods

When food manufacturers take out fat and label something low-fat or nonfat, usually they add sugar to make it taste better.

Quench Cravings with Protein, Fiber and Fat

When you feel a craving for something sweet, your body may actually be craving something nutritious. Sugary carbohydrates are empty, and not satiating; you may feel a quick rush that satisfies the initial craving and then feel hungry a few minutes later. To stay fuller longer, load up on protein, fiber and healthy fats in tandem. Pair almonds with oatmeal, or sliced turkey breast with cheese and an apple.

Swap Out Sugary Drinks for Water

It’s probably no surprise that soda contains lots of sugar, but did you know that other beverages, like bottled iced tea, energy drinks and store-bought smoothies, are loaded with sugar, too? It’s best to swap out all sugary, flavored drinks for water. If tap water is too plain, try a sparkling water flavored with natural essences.

Get Creative with Your Flavoring

Just because you’ve eliminated sugar doesn’t mean your food has to taste bland. Try using vanilla bean or extract, spices like nutmeg or cinnamon or citrus zest to jazz up your beverages or meals.

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