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Smile Makeover in San Francisco

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While a single cosmetic dentistry treatment may be enough to improve the appearance of the teeth, sometimes treatments are combined for results that are more powerful. The process of enhancing the smile through multiple veneers and/or cosmetic dentistry procedures is known as a smile makeover. Dr. Samir Ayoub is a trusted cosmetic dentist known for his beautiful smile makeover work. Sometimes smile makeover is confused with full mouth reconstruction. To distinguish the two, think of smile makeover as an elective treatment you choose to have performed, and full mouth reconstruction as treatment that is critical to the health and function of your teeth.

Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

You can benefit from a smile makeover if you feel self-conscious of any of the following:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Spaces between your teeth
  • Uneven tooth size or shape
  • Prominent gums or a “gummy smile”

Dr. Ayoub meets with all smile makeover candidates to discuss what they hope to achieve with treatment. During your consultation, you will be asked to identify the areas of your smile that you dislike; you may point out gaps or spaces in between your teeth and note their dull color to Dr. Ayoub. You might describe your ideal smile as looking evenly spaced and bright white. Based on this information and an analysis of your facial features Dr. Ayoub will put together a treatment plan that will give you the best-looking smile possible.

Treatment Details

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Your smile makeover treatment plan may consist of any combination of the following:

Porcelain veneers to conceal small imperfections in the teeth. These small pieces of porcelain can be placed to mask chips, cracks, stains or discolorations. They can also enhance the uniformity in tooth size and shape.

Teeth whitening to lighten stained or discolored teeth. An in-office teeth whitening treatment can bleach the teeth up to eight shades in an hour.

Invisalign to gently and gradually shift teeth into the desired position and alignment. The system uses a series of clear, plastic aligners that can be removed for cleaning and eating.

Dental bonding to improve the size or shape of the tooth or conceal small chips, cracks or discoloration. A resin material is applied to the teeth, carefully sculpted and polished to match the rest of the tooth surface.

Tooth-colored fillings can replace old metal fillings that are conspicuous. Tooth-colored fillings are matched to the surrounding teeth for a seamless result.

Gum lift to reduce prominent gums or a “gummy smile.” A laser can be used to eliminate excess gum tissue, creating better balance between the teeth and gums.

Depending on the specific treatments chosen, your smile makeover may be completed in a single appointment, or it may be spaced over several different appointments. Keep in mind that veneers and Invisalign aligners are custom designed to your specifications; Dr. Ayoub will need to take impressions to send to the laboratory that fabricates the pieces.

Contact Dr. Ayoub about a Smile Makeover

To learn more about your smile makeover treatment options, please contact the office of Dr. Samir Ayoub by calling (415) 781-2227.